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MONTECH / Katalog

Forsiden MONTECH

MONTECH- With Good Value!

SINCE 2016

Telon Co., Ltd. has been engaged in Taiwan's PC industry for more than 30 years. And its team includes experienced engineers & designers and after-sales personnel.

MONTECH was established by Telon in 2016, which focuses in the PC gaming market. MONTECH is quite successful in the Taiwanese market. It is now seeking to expand to the world.

There are four pillars of our core values, we abbreviate them to four simple letters, SSEC. Simplicity, Safety, Easy To Use and Customer-Trust. SSEC is how we do everything, like designing products, manufaturing, commuicating with customers, it is our deepest values here in Montech.

MONTECH-Brand Story

Born for gamers! Since 2016

During the summer of 2016, then General Manger and Engineer of Telon distribution Steve Chang found that a certain major brand’s PC Case was not only expensive but also had very poor wire management design. At that time although only a distribution company, Telon purchased even more PC cases and PSUs from numerous manufacturers for study. Only to find that they were either poorly designed or over priced. That was when Telon decided to create a new brand of their own focused on engineering, design, quality, and reasonable pricing to better serve their consumers.

Vision and Target

Montech’s goal has always been to provide consumers with the best quality, cooling at the most reasonable price. Now stepping into the international stage, Montech is still in pursuit of the very same goal to deliver competitive products at competitive pricing.

Spirit and Concept

Taken from the word Monarch, which means those that rule or reigns, Montech aims to make consumers feel like they are the ruler of their system. Montech’s logo is composed of a maze within a pyramid. The spirit of Montech’s logo is to climb up the pyramid with no straight paths or set boundaries, to break molds and make the best products on the market.


MONTECH has already accumulated a good reputation and gained loyal customers in the PC industry.
We will consistently develop gaming products that come with innovative designs, high quality, and favorable prices.
In the future, we aim to expand MONTECH globally with the exceptional products we develop.

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