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Forsiden / Lagring / Harddisker/SSD / SSD / ASUS HDSSD PCIe 240GB ASUS


Ekspertomtaler: 23 omtaler
  • Kapasitet 240GB
  • Lesehastighet 830MB/s
  • Skrivehastighet 810MB/s
  • Grensesnitt PCI Express 2.0
  • Formfaktor PCI-E
2 599,-
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    The RAIDR Express advantages

    - The only PCIe-based SSD with double-sided metal shielding and a beautiful red and black design
    - Tons of exclusive ROG features for maintaining the high speed you expect, while extending the drive’s life
    - Works right away – no drivers required!
    - Full TRIM command support to keep RAIDR Express running at top speed while extending the drive’s life
    - Amazing 620,000 hours’ mean time between failure (MTBF), for year after year of trouble-free use
    - Tested extensively with all popular operating systems and the very latest motherboards/chipsets to ensure the widest compatibility

    First legacy and UEFI BIOS-compatible PCIe SSD

    RAIDR Express is the world’s first and only PCIe-based SSD the features two BIOS chips and an onboard hardware flip switch, letting you alternate between legacy and UEFI modes, ensuring the best compatibility.

    In legacy mode, the RAIDR Express can be used on older motherboards — those with traditional (non-UEFI) BIOS. Flip to UEFI mode, and you can significantly boost the startup time of your PC. You get the flexibility of choosing which mode is right for you, and make the best of both.

    Driver-free design with complete TRIM support

    With an Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI), RAIDR Express doesn’t require any drivers – so you can experience the incredible speed benefits from the moment you plug it in. RAIDR Express also features support for TRIM command from within the operating system – support for which few other PCIe-based SSDs can provide. This keeps RAIDR Express running at top speed while extending the drive’s life.

    Toshiba 19nm 16K page sync-NAND

    RAIDR Express features new 16K page size MLC (multi-level-cell) sync-NAND flash, which provides consistent read and write performance with doubled page size and double the data per transfer. This cements RAIDR Express as the speed leader in its segment.

    Double-sided metal shield with gorgeous ROG design

    RAIDR Express has double-sided metal shielding to provide:

    - Electromagnetic interference protection
    - Better heat dissipation

    Double up on speed with RAM and SSD

    This brilliant feature allows you to use up to 80% of your computer’s available memory as a high-speed virtual drive to accelerate the loading of favorite apps and games – to over 12,000MB/s in our tests!

    ROG RAMDisk uses what are known as ‘junction points’ so there’s no need to re-install your software. Just choose an application and RAMDisk will ensure that your PC will directly access its files and data using the extreme speed of the computer’s own RAM.

    But that’s just one great feature of RAMDisk. Better still, RAMDisk extends the life of your SSD because it reduces unnecessary read-write cycles. RAMDisk even backs itself up to the main system drive when you shut down your PC and restores itself automatically the next time you power up, so it’s ready to roll as soon as you are — it’s all speed and no hassle!

    SSD TweakIt
    Take control for faster and longer-lasting storage

    SSD TweakIt is designed to provide the easiest way to get top-notch performance and ultra-long durability. With a single click, you can enjoy these advantages:

    - Auto-relocate repetitive write activities to RAMDisk for even faster browsing while keeping RAIDR Express at peak performance for much longer
    - Apply a preset profile that automatically refines the processor (CPU) settings to achieve up to 5% speed boost

    Secure Erase
    Back to brand-new performance

    One simple boot from the included utility disc totally refreshes RAIDR Express to regain its original performance – like it just came out of the box the day you bought it. This is done by securely and completely removing all data from RAIDR Express in Linux, so you can also refresh your RAIDR Express even it’s the system drive. Now, you don’t need to worry about the performance degradation due to accumulated data and frequent writing.

    ROG HybriDisk
    Enjoy both SSD speed and HDD space

    ROG HybriDisk supercharges you with hybrid storage powered by SSD caching, so you can make your hard disk drive (HDD) go faster than SATA! It works with your HDD (up to 4TB) so you can enjoy data transfers that effectively smash SATA-based SSD speed limits (600MB/s), so now you can enjoy hard drive capacities with SSD speeds – the best of both worlds.

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