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280mm - 140mm(2)

Forsiden / Vannkjøling & Modding / Radiator / 280mm - 140mm(2)
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HARDWARE LABS Black Ice NEMESIS LS280 Radiator OEM - Black
Varenr.: HWL-R158
The Black Ice® NEMESIS® Series L Radiators are designed for optimum placement, fit, and value. The Series L arrives in both Stealth (LS) and Xtreme (LX) form factors.
399,20  ekskl. mva
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HARDWARE LABS Black Ice Nemesis Radiator GTS 280 XFlow
Varenr.: HWL-R114
The Black Ice® PC Radiators ushered the dawn of professional PC watercooling over 10 years ago with the Black Ice® Pro and Xtreme series. These were followed by the groundbreaking Black Ice® Gen Two, GTS® and GTX ® PC radiators, providing unprecedented performance for compact form factor heat exchangers.
559,20  ekskl. mva
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Viser 1-2 av 2 produkter